Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A visually impaired man was selling things and then. watch!!!

It's just amazing to even think how he gets so much strength to travel in complete darkness not even knowing where to set the foot next on the street but yet he defeats every struggle with a smile and works with dignity and respect everyday. He inspire us to never give up in life no matter what, #Salute #NeverGiveUp. Please share to support Humanity.

He sells at Khan Market, New Delhi. The merchandise we buy from inspiring people like him, we give to those people who don't have work but want to work and support them self by working, in this way they can use it as their starting inventory and support them self by working. You can become a part of the cause by buying BHB T-shirts / Shirts for Cause and inspire Humanity from here:https://bringinghumanitybackbhb.myshopify.com Thank you so much for your support !?

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