Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life saved by HERO VICKY SHARMA: Varun brother i saved a life just because of you

Varun brother i saved a life just because of you
Location : New Delhi Railway Station
Time : about 2 AM , 4 May Monday morning
Its amazing how a person can change your school of thought through a message on Facebook . Varun Pruthi his videos on social media inspired me to save a life.

I traveled through Shan E Punjab from Amritsar to new Delhi and my flight to Calcutta was scheduled at 8 AM in the morning . I was sleepy after 9 hrs journey and i had 3 hrs to sleep before i had a scheduled cab to airport. I decided to stay in IRCTC lounge. I came to know that it as platform number 16. Most of platforms were acquired by people in sleeping mode. As i was just on my way to platform 16 i heard a sound of a blast. Within seconds i was at the scene. It was a young boy aged around 25 lying on the floor. He was totally unconscious and there was blood on the floor all the way. He was bleeding heavily. He seemed to be a poor guy. He fell from the shutter roof of platform. Only God can tell what he was doing there. He was on that shutter roof,it cracked and he fell from it . His head directly stuck the marble ground and he got heavy bleeding from his head ,forehead,eyebrows and he was going out of breath.

 About Humanism

Now here what i saw which was so inhumane. People majority of them young men and boys were standing there. They were just watching and making assumptions for not to help "Chor hai shayad " ( Looks like he is a Thief). "Lagta hai mar jayega " ( Looks like he will Die). "Upar kya kar raha tha "( What was he doing up there ). No one, Not even a single person was coming forward to help.
In few of social experiments of Mr. Varun i had seen inhumanity of Delhities. His Video came into my mind. I thought this is the chance to prove myself that i am a good citizen.
I called few people there for help. I asked them to help me in taking guy to bench and give him first aid. Voices came "Bhai police ka chakkar hai " ( It's Police matter). "Are tum fasoge"( You will get into trouble). "Bhai ghar nahin jaane denge police vale tumhe " (Police will not let you go home).
I saw no one will come. I called railway police. It took them 10 minutes to come to accident scene. One of them said "4 din baad marega,aaj mar jaye accha hai " Fortunately for him i was not there at the moment.
Anyways I ran here and there. I called first aid available at station, but same slowness.Finally i decided ab jo hoga dekh lenge. Flight chhote to chhote jaye. Iski jaan nahin jani chahie. I called 100. After 2 minutes a head constable called me. I clearly told him write the FIR and if he dies responsibility is with you . Within 5 minutes police reached . They immediately brought first aid . In ten minutes Ambulance came. He was taken to hospital. Police wrote down my number and address after viewing my ID.
I went to lounge. Half an hour later ,i got a call from police . They called me to same platform. They wanted to record my statement . I saw couple of guys there who were unwilling or afraid to do the same. I recorded my statement of exactly what happened and head constable said "shabaash beta ( Great Son )". After that another man came forward and gave his statement . I came back to lounge and slept. I was informed that boy is fine and he got stitches on his head. Still unconscious but recovering . I hope he is fine now.
Now message here behind long story is that there is nothing to afraid , Law never stops you from helping anyone in trouble and neither police can harass you. Don't go on fake stories. Law appreciates if you help someone. Also as a human it is our responsibility. Someday some one our beloved can be in trouble .

Let us fulfill our duties towards nation so that we are entitled to fight for our rights. Life give you once in a while chance to act as a Hero , Never miss it.

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